Zelina Vega Attacks Male WWE Superstar [Video]

Zelina Vega Attacks Male WWE Superstar [Video]

During a recent WWE live event in Miami, Florida, a Six-Person Tag Team Match featuring Zelina Vega took place. The match included male and female superstars, as Zelina Vega and Madcap Moss crossed paths in a newsworthy moment.

On Thursday, December 29, 2022, Zelina Vega teamed up with her Legado Del Fantasma allies — Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro. Madcap Moss joined forces with his real-life girlfriend, Emma, and Kofi Kingston to face the heels.

At one point in the match, Zelina Vega decided to take advantage of the intergender scenario in play. Zelina Vega stood on the ring apron and slapped Madcap Moss across the face, which generated a massive pop from the live crowd.

You can watch how this all unfolded in the video below:

After the slap to Madcap Moss, Emma entered the ring and took care of the Zelina Vega problem. Legado Del Fantasma would emerge on the losing end, as Kofi Kingston's Trouble in Paradise move ensured a victory for the babyfaces.

Zelina Vega's WWE in-ring status

In April 2022, Zelina Vega had her latest televised match against Bianca Belair on WWE Raw. Zelina Vega has only wrestled in untelevised matches since returning to WWE in October 2022. 

This led to speculation about whether Zelina Vega would strictly be a manager moving forward. However, Zelina Vega recently assured fans via Twitter — as seen above — by addressing her in-ring status for television.

Zelina Vega also has big things in store for viewers moving forward. Legado Del Fantasma will skyrocket to the top of the WWE mountain, according to another recent tweet:

Zelina Vega — who undoubtedly has a lot to offer as a one-on-one competitor — is yet to win a singles title in WWE. Perhaps 2023 will finally be the year when Zelina Vega gets that big push.

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