How Many Tattoos Does Rhea Ripley Have And What Do They Mean?

How Many Tattoos Does Rhea Ripley Have And What Do They Mean?

Rhea Ripley has gone through a massive physical change ever since her signing with WWE. Rhea Ripley no longer sports long, blonde hair with no tattoos or piercings. This time around, Rhea Ripley is seen with a leg sleeve, rib tattoo, and a few more on her arms and even her lips.

In the past, the Stamford-based promotion didn't allow Rhea Ripley to have tattoos on her upper body. Due to this rule, most of Rhea Ripley's earlier tattoos were on her legs, which she could cover up with pants. This time around, Rhea Ripley's ink has reached her arms.

Rhea Ripley has approximately 20 tattoos at the moment. Some of them were just added in between Rhea Ripley's already existing ones, especially the ones on her legs. In addition, the meaning behind Rhea Ripley's recent art mostly remained hidden. 


What is the meaning behind Rhea Ripley's tattoos?

Seemingly demonic face and symbols - This is one of the most noticeable ones since it is an entire leg sleeve. However, it's possible that this is just a nod to Rhea Ripley's love for metal bands. Over the years, more have been added in between tattoos, like a spider and other symbols.

Mandala with Roses - On Rhea Ripley's other leg is a big piece of the mandala with roses surrounding it. Rhea Ripley revealed that the mandala is something she just liked, while the roses were inspired by her grandmother, whose name is Rosetta.

Roman numerals of the date October 28, 2018, on the side of Rhea Ripley's wrist - A matching tattoo with Toni Storm to remember the success Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm had at that year's Evolution event.

Dagger with snakes, with a demonish hand holding it on Rhea Ripley's calf- There is no definite meaning to the tattoo, but it was speculated that this may have hinted at Rhea Ripley's trust issues in the past.

Crying woman with a wolf on calf - No definite meaning again, but speculated that it was about a past relationship and to symbolize Rhea Ripley's growth.

Woman wearing a crown on Rhea Ripley's arm - Possibly connected to the song Queen for a Queen by Motionless in White.

A quote near Rhea Ripley's ankle - Just below the woman with a wolf is a quote from Rhea Ripley's character from Dragonball Z, Vegeta.

There are other tattoos of Rhea Ripley that were just added in between already existing ones and whose meanings remain hidden. Some of them are:

A woman with three faces, in the middle of which is seemingly a demon on Rhea Ripley's thigh.

Wendigo sleeve on Rhea Ripley’s left leg.

Tattoo of a dog with swords on the back of Rhea Ripley's leg.

Tattoo on Rhea Ripley's other forearm of a dark-looking dog- Since Rhea Ripley is a fur parent, it's possible that her dog-inspired arts are by her pets.

Other animals that can be seen on Rhea Ripley's body are crocodiles on her forearm, the opposite of the Motionless in a White tattoo.

Moth behind Rhea Ripley's thighs.

Rhea Ripley also has a Latin quote above her elbow near the crocodile tattoo.

Claws near Rhea Ripley's wrist.

Pumpkins on Rhea Ripley's legs.

Abdomen tattoo.

'RnR' tattoo on Rhea Ripley's fingers.

"Boo Hoo" Lip tattoo.

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