Whatever Happened To Rey Mysterio's Daughter Aalyah Mysterio?

Whatever Happened To Rey Mysterio's Daughter Aalyah Mysterio?

Aalyah Mysterio is the youngest child of WWE legend Rey Mysterio and was able to make various appearances on Raw and SmackDown alongside her father Rey Mysterio and brother Dominik Mysterio as they feuded with Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy.

Buddy Murphy has since been released by WWE. Aalyah Mysterio's brother Dominik Mysterio has turned on his father Rey Mysterio and joined The Judgment Day, whilst Rey Mysterio has headed over to WWE SmackDown to avoid his son.

In recent videos that have seen Rey Mysterio and his wife Angie avoiding Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio, Aalyah Mysterio hasn't come into the conversation and her last appearance was as part of a backstage segment where she went face-to-face with Rhea Ripley in the summer of 2022.

Aalyah Mysterio became a popular character in her own right throughout the storyline but was never actually under contract with WWE. Instead, Aalyah Mysterio would appear alongside her family when needed but was also studying which meant that her appearances were limited.

Where has Aalyah Mysterio been since her last WWE appearance?

Many fans have questioned why Aalyah Mysterio hasn't returned and been part of the current angle between her father Rey Mysterio and brother Dominik Mysterio. It seems that Aalyah Mysterio could well make her return in the coming months as the issues between Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio heat up and finally result in that one-on-one match.

Aalyah Mysterio herself has been busy traveling and documents this on her YouTube travel vlogs. Aalyah Mysterio is also active on Instagram under her real name Aalyah Guttierez and is currently in a relationship with Joshua Thomas who appears on several of Aalyah Mysterio's Instagram updates.

Rey Mysterio also recently confirmed that since leaving screens, his daughter Aalyah Mysterio has continued to attend college.

“My wife just asked me yesterday, she goes, ‘What would you say if your daughter all of a sudden just said, dad, I wanna break into the business.’ I’d say I’d be the first to train her. I can’t say no. But of course she needs to continue with her medical field. That’s what she’s doing right now. She’s going to college to be in the medical field, so I’m looking forward to that. Again, if she decided to switch her mindset, I would be right there to support her.” via wrestling-edge. 

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