Can Rhea Ripley Beat Up Men In Real Life? Exploring What Mami Revealed

Can Rhea Ripley Beat Up Men In Real Life? Exploring What Mami Revealed

There can be no denying that, in the last few years, Rhea Ripley has established herself as one of the top stars on WWE's roster. A force to be reckoned with, Rhea Ripley has dominated the Women's Division as the Women's World Champion. However, Rhea Ripley's dominance is not limited to just the Women's Division, as she has taken out her fair share of men as well. But, the squared circle aside, can Rhea Ripley beat up men in real life?

The answer, to no one's surprise, is a resounding "Yes". Appearing on the latest episode of IMPAULSIVE, Rhea Ripley chatted with Logan Paul about a variety of things. At one point in the episode, while commenting about how intimidating Rhea Ripley is, Logan Paul wondered how many men his guest could take in a fight. Well, Rhea Ripley believes that she could beat up 80% of the average men in the world.

"I wanna say at least 80% yeah...yeah probably...I used to!" said Rhea Ripley [7:04-7:40]

A little while later, Rhea Ripley was also asked what would be her go-to move if she were to fight a man. And, it was here that Rhea Ripley revealed an interesting nickname she had growing up. 

"I mean it really depends on what's open most of the time. I got the nickname in high school, "nutcracker" for a reason because I used to hit people in the nuts. So I'd probably go for that first," said Rhea Ripley [8:16-8:26]

It is safe to say no one messed with Rhea Ripley back in high school, just like no one messes with her now. But, the average man aside, Rhea Ripley will be fully focused on The Man, Becky Lynch, her opponent, and a tough one at that, for WrestleMania 40.

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