WWE Attitude Era Legend Wants To Face Rhea Ripley Before Retiring

WWE Attitude Era Legend Wants To Face Rhea Ripley Before Retiring

A female WWE Attitude Era legend has expressed her desire to face Rhea Ripley before officially hanging up her boots.

That name is Trish Stratus, who has been absent from the TV programming lately. Trish Stratus was last seen at WWE Payback 2023 Premium Live Event, where she lost to Becky Lynch in a Steel Cage Match. 

Shortly after, Zoey Stark ended her alliance with Trish Stratus, thus setting up a future student vs. mentor match. As of this writing, there's no word on whether WWE has plans to pull the trigger on this feud anytime soon.

In an interview with Gorilla Position, Trish Stratus spoke about the possibility of having a retirement match at Money in the Bank later in 2024, which happens to be in her home country of Canada:

"I mean it is coming up, Toronto is coming up. I mean, hey, could I become an eight-time champion? It’s another thing to put on — I don’t know. Maybe. Do I have an unfinished story with Zoey (Stark)? I sure do. So there’s a lot of things."

Trish Stratus added that she would love to face Rhea Ripley before calling it quits:

"There’s a lot of talent that I look at too that I’m like, I would love to get in the ring with, let’s say, Rhea Ripley for example…So people, when they meet me, they’re like, ‘Oh my God, you’re so small.’ This is part of my thing, right? I’m just little Trish Stratus but you know, when we saw that match with Raquel (Rodriguez), that’s what I love. I love playing up to that, right? I love playing against the big wrestler and that’s kind of fun for me. So that’s something me and Jazz had, me and Victoria had and so I think me and Rhea Ripley could be a very interesting story," (H/T - PostWrestling)

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