Dominik Mysterio Gets Married [Video]

Dominik Mysterio Gets Married [Video]

Dominik Mysterio is apparently now married, and a video emerged from the ceremony.

Over the last week, it was reported that Dominik Mysterio would get married within a week or two. Fans were waiting with bated breath to see if Dominik Mysterio was going to be written off WWE TV before that.

It does not appear that he was written off television. Still, Dominik Mysterio was part of a very hard-hitting match against Gunther on Monday Night Raw, from which he managed to come out still breathing. Gunther crushed Dominik Mysterio in the match, destroying his hopes for the Intercontinental Title. 

With Rhea Ripley and others looking after his wounds after the match was done, Dominik Mysterio was left with sore and wounded pride, but having given an account for himself against one of the toughest stars on the roster.

Now, days later, it appears that Dominik Mysterio tied the knot. Dominik Mysterio is now seemingly married to his long-time beau, Marie Juliette. A video of the two emerged from their wedding, wearing wedding attire as they marched into a room surrounded by their loved ones, presumably already as a married couple. The video can be seen below.

Other videos have come out of Dominik Mysterio dancing with his wife. While Damian Priest was one of the groomsmen at the wedding.


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