Damian Priest Asked People To Boo Dominik Mysterio During His Wedding Speech

Damian Priest Asked People To Boo Dominik Mysterio During His Wedding Speech

Damian Priest managed to get everyone to boo Dominik Mysterio at his wedding.

Dominik Mysterio recently got married to Marie Juliette in a small ceremony. A bunch of WWE Superstars attended the wedding as well, including Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley.

A video later went viral where Dominik Mysterio could be seen getting booed at his wedding. In a new interview with Steve Fall, Damian Priest revealed that he was the one who got people to boo Dominik Mysterio. 

"It was beautiful, man. I was honored to be a part of the wedding, to just attend the wedding and we had such a good time. Then obviously, you know, busting his chops and there was a moment when they did say he's gonna say a few words. I remember I just turned to my table and I was like, 'We got to do it. We're doing it, right', and I just turned back around and I did it. Then my table followed in and I was like, Okay, that was nice."

Damian Priest continued:

"Then he went to speak again and the entire wedding party, like, everybody did it, and then I really laughed and he just gave me a look. That was a good one. But man, the whole thing was, what a good day for him and his wife. So that was a special night. Like I said, I was just honored to be there." [H/T WrestlingNews]

One of the attendees shared a bunch of videos on her Instagram handle, including the one where people were booing Dominik Mysterio. 

You can check out the video in question below:

Dominik Mysterio and Marie Juliette have known each other for quite some time now. The lovebirds are now hitched, and it won't be a stretch to say that Dominik Mysterio is on cloud nine.

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