Becky Lynch Details How Break Up With Finn Balor Left Her Devastated

Becky Lynch Details How Break Up With Finn Balor Left Her Devastated

Becky Lynch's new book has several things that not many people knew about her, including her days prior to signing with WWE. One of the things Becky Lynch disclosed was that her first love was Finn Balor.

Becky Lynch revealed that when they parted ways she was left heartbroken. As a teenager, Becky Lynch had no idea that both of them would wind up in the wrestling business, let alone as two of the biggest stars in the sports entertainment giant.

Becky Lynch elaborated on when she dropped off Finn Balor at the airport. While their mutual friend Karl Anderson consoled Becky Lynch, she did not let the latter know that her sobbing was owing to Finn Balor leaving. Instead, Becky Lynch blamed her "hysteria" on an illness in the family:

"On the phone, my cousin urged me to come back to Canada as I bawled, "I feel like a part of me just died." I always did have a propensity for the dramatics. But this was my first real love and I f*cked it up. Now he was going away forever, leaving me behind. When he made it to Japan and called me a few days later, we agreed the relationship was over but that we would always remain friends. But to quote the famous song by the band The Script, "When a heart breaks, no, it don't break even" - and I was absolutely the more devastated one," wrote Becky Lynch. 

Becky Lynch also added that she hoped to get back together with Finn Balor and set her sights on getting a better body. Ultimately, Becky Lynch was offered to work custom matches in North Carolina by Ring Angels, along with a lingerie photoshoot for 150 dollars. Becky Lynch considered this as a small fortune.

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