Attitude Era Star Says Randy Orton Is The Greatest Of All Time

Attitude Era Star Says Randy Orton Is The Greatest Of All Time

A WWE Hall of Famer recently opened up about why Randy Orton might arguably be the greatest to ever lace up a pair of wrestling boots. The said Hall of Famer is Bully Ray, who rarely shies away from expressing his honest views on the industry.

A performer of Randy Orton's stature needs no introduction, as he has been one of the most recognizable names in wrestling over the past two decades. Though Randy Orton played a heel for the better part of his career, Randy Orton is currently enjoying immense popularity as a beloved veteran who still has a lot left in the tank.

Randy Orton's performance in the 2024 Men's Elimination Chamber Match drew raves, as he came inches close to winning before Logan Paul played spoilsport, allowing Drew McIntyre to grab the victory. It's safe to assume WWE could be building to a marquee United States Championship Match between Logan Paul and Randy Orton for WrestleMania 40.

On a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray explained that though wrestling opinions are subjective, he believes Randy Orton might be the best of all time.

When it comes to in the ring, when it comes to actual professional wrestling, the psychology, the registering, the selling, the story, Randy’s as perfect as it comes,” Bully said. “There’s not many when…you know, it’s hard to compare wrestlers sometimes, because, in baseball, you’ve got your stats. You’ve got your RBIs, you’ve got your home runs, you’ve got your strikeouts…you can compare apples to apples. With wrestling, it’s so much different. It’s very much a ‘Who’s the best?’ It’s very subjective. But I can tell you, as a wrestler who has seen just about everything, when the boys talk, Randy is top, top, top of the food chain." [H/T - WrestlingInc]

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