AJ Lee Kissed Cody Rhodes On WWE Television Back In 2010 [Video]

AJ Lee Kissed Cody Rhodes On WWE Television Back In 2010 [Video]

Cody Rhodes is currently one of the biggest babyfaces on the WWE roster. Cody Rhodes managed to completely rejuvenate his character prior to his grand return back in 2022. In between his release from WWE in 2016 and his return in 2022, Cody Rhodes absolutely turned his career around after spending time in ROH, NJPW, and AEW.

However, Cody Rhodes had to go through several character changes during his previous WWE run to eventually find his footing. Cody Rhodes first gained prominence as a part of The Legacy faction, alongside Randy Orton and Ted Dibiase. After The Legacy faction break-up, Cody Rhodes became "Dashing" Cody Rhodes.

The 'Dashing' gimmick focused on Cody Rhodes showing off his good looks to the girls. On an episode of NXT season 3 back in 2010, Cody Rhodes had the opportunity to kiss the former Divas champion, AJ Lee. It was a kissing contest of the Rookie Diva challenge in which AJ Lee, Kaitlyn, and Naomi had to show who was a better kisser.

Kaitlyn began the proceedings by kissing Cody Rhodes first, the next two divas including Naomi refused to kiss him. Nonetheless, AJ Lee was next, and she showcased her skills with seemingly the best kiss of the contest. Eventually, Cody Rhodes declared AJ Lee the winner of the contest, and it was the start of big things to come in the future for AJ Lee.

After she made it to the WWE main roster, AJ Lee became popular for her onscreen kisses with some of the major stars such as Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Kane, and Dolph Ziggler. Apart from that, AJ Lee was also one of the most talented wrestlers in the ring and on the microphone as well.

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