Rey Mysterio's Wife Attacks Karrion Kross On WWE SmackDown [Video]

Rey Mysterio's Wife Attacks Karrion Kross On WWE SmackDown [Video]

Karrion Kross was struck across the face by Rey Mysterio's wife (Angie Gutierrez) on the February 10, 2023 edition of WWE Smackdown after getting too close to her at ringside.

Karrion Kross has been targeting Rey Mysterio as of late and got another chance to torment him again in a fatal four-way match over on WWE SmackDown. The match featured Karrion Kross taking on Mysterio, Santos Escobar and Madcap Moss for a shot at Gunther's Intercontinental Championship.

The number one contender's match was action-packed and featured Karrion Kross giving most of his offense to Rey Mysterio in revenge for disrespecting him in their previous match. 

While at ringside, as Karrion Kross pounded Rey Mysterio close to the fans, Karrion Kross took Rey Mysterio over to the crowd while Rey Mysterio's wife was in the area and proceeded to taunt Angie Gutierrez. Karrion Kross would then proceed to get too close to Angie Gutierrez as Karrion Kross became aggressive but was in turn slapped across the face by Angie Gutierrez. 

You can watch the video below:

However, the slap only caused Karrion Kross to get even angrier as he pummeled Rey Mysterio with a vicious elbow to the head and laid Rey Mysterio out in front of Angie Gutierrez. 

Unfortunately, the match didn't end up going in Karrion Kross' favor, with Madcap Moss picking up the win after hitting Rey Mysterio with a flying elbow.

Wrestling Legend speaks on if WWE is burying Karrion Kross

Wrestling veteran Konnan recently gave his honest thoughts regarding Karrion Kross' current run in WWE and if he is getting buried.

Karrion Kross saw major success while working over on Triple H's NXT in his first run, but after shifting to the main roster, got stripped of his intimidating character and was eventually released from his WWE contract in November 2021.

However, Karrion Kross made a grand return to WWE in August 2022, as he sent a cryptic message to Roman Reigns and entered into a feud with Drew McIntyre.

Recently, Karrion Kross has been feuding with Rey Mysterio but would go on to lose the encounter between them on WWE SmackDown. Speaking over on Keepin' it 100, WCW legend Konnan answered a fan's question about whether WWE could possibly be burying Karrion Kross. 

"He's [Karrion Kross] got a great look. He can cut a promo. He's got a great act with Scarlett. I think that him and Drew [McIntyre] didn't click for whatever reason... then they put him with Rey and they're in their what, third match or second match and he got beat already. I don't know if they're ending it there, if they're gonna continue it. And I'm okay with the surprise because I'm tired of every finish having an interference or a distraction. But I don't know what they're gonna do with him. But he's just one good feud away from exploding. Has everything it takes," he said. [From 2:07 to 2:45] 

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