Rhea Ripley Gets Slapped By Dominik Mysterio's Mother [Video]

Rhea Ripley Gets Slapped By Dominik Mysterio's Mother [Video]

The Judgment Day members Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio once again tried to create controversy as they showed up at the Mysterio household for Christmas. However, this time things were quite different, as Rhea Ripley ended up getting slapped by Rey Mysterio's wife.

On Thanksgiving, Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio confronted Rey Mysterio and his family. The confrontation ended with Rey Mysterio getting brutally assaulted by his son. Dominik Mysterio's antics come after an extended feud between the Mysterios and The Judgment Day, which eventually led to Dominik Mysterio turning on his father and joining the villainous faction. Rey Mysterio also eventually moved to WWE SmackDown.

After the scenes on Thanksgiving, Rey Mysterio called the police on his son, who was arrested. A video uploaded by WWE on Twitter shows Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley walking up to the Mysterio household with the intention of creating havoc. However, Rey Mysterio and his wife were on top of the situation as they immediately called the police.

Dominik Mysterio was eventually escorted away in handcuffs as Rhea Ripley protested vehemently.

Watch the Christmas confrontation between The Mysterios and The Judgment Day:

The Judgment Day was established as one of WWE's strongest factions in 2022. The Judgement Day has tormented numerous top stars on the main roster and even made its presence felt on NXT when Rhea Ripley faced Roxanne Perez a few months back.

Bully Ray spoke about the possibility of Rhea Ripley facing Rey Mysterio down the road

WWE legend Bully Ray discussed Rhea Ripley's intergender match on Monday Night Raw when she went head-to-head against Akira Tozawa.

Speaking on the Busted Open podcast, Bully Ray shared his thoughts on Rhea Ripley potentially facing Rey Mysterio.

"Rhea [Ripley] has to have heat going into it, because if not and the people are behind Rhea then you’re gonna have 50% of that audience that might wanna see Rhea defeat Rey." 

Rhea Ripley has previously been out of action for quite some time in 2022. But since returning to the scene, Rhea Ripley has been absolutely unstoppable.

Many have also suggested that Rhea Ripley is the 'it factor' of The Judgment Day.

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