Reality Of John Cena Appearing Without Clothes At The 2024 Oscars

Reality Of John Cena Appearing Without Clothes At The 2024 Oscars

John Cena made all the headlines at the 2024 Academy Awards, despite not being nominated on the show itself. Now, the reality behind John Cena coming out without clothes on stage has emerged.

John Cena was out to present the award for the best Costume Design. John Cena bickered with Jimmy Kimmel, refusing to do the 'streaker bit' they had planned. A comically frustrated Jimmy Kimmel then handed John Cena the envelope for the award before leaving him, high, dry, and without clothes. John Cena shuffled to the center of the stage with only the envelope shielding his dignity.

A naked John Cena and Jimmy Kimmel bicker on stage at the 2024 #Oscars

— The Hollywood Reporter (@THR) March 11, 2024
John Cena had a costume change when the reel for the nominees was playing, with multiple people coming out to help him. John Cena had a cloth put on him in the shape of a toga before he read out the winner of the award before leaving.

However, while fans didn't see it, it appeared that, thankfully, John Cena was wearing more than his bare skin at the awards. In a picture that showed John Cena's posterior, it turned out that John Cena was wearing a skin-colored undergarment that covered what needed to be covered. The picture can be seen here.

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