Mandy Rose Reacts To Fan Asking For $55,000 Back

Mandy Rose Reacts To Fan Asking For $55,000 Back

Mandy Rose has been quite successful since leaving WWE, although she's not continued her wrestling career. Now, a fan has seemingly asked for his $55,000 back, and Mandy Rose reacted.

Since leaving WWE in December 2022, Mandy Rose opened an exclusive content page where she posts custom videos for her subscribers and fans.

Earlier in February 2024, Mandy Rose commented on her huge fan following and how ready they were to spend tons of money for her exclusive content, with one fan apparently spending more than $55,000 for what she posts. Mandy Rose admitted to being awestruck at the ability of the fan to spend as much as he had.

"I've had one person, I won't say any names. One person, and this is on Fan***e. Spend $55,000 on me. One person. $55,000. So, in my head, I'm like, 'What does he do for a living that he's able to spend this kind of money on one person?' $55,000. And it wasn't even like, less than. It was definitely over a little time period, but it was, yeah. WILD. So, thank you."

Now, another fan, presumably not the one who actually spent the money, sent out a post on social media asking for the money back. This is because of John Cena's recent move to open his own page under the name Ricky Stanicky.

While John Cena has been posting about the account promoting his new movie, the fan took the chance to tweet at Mandy Rose, who found the entire joke hilarious, reacting to the tweet.

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