Nia Jax Hilariously Botched Her Move On WWE Raw [Video]

Nia Jax Hilariously Botched Her Move On WWE Raw [Video]

Becky Lynch kicked off the January 1, 2024, episode of WWE Raw: Day 1 special event by taking on Nia Jax in a major grudge match.

Becky Lynch was able to get in a lot of offense before Nia Jax defeated her in one of the biggest surprises of the night, but while many fans were talking about Becky Lynch once again being busted open by Nia Jax, several others picked up on a major botch.

You can watch the clip below:

Midway through the match, when Nia Jax was on the apron, she appeared to be going for a Leg Drop on Becky Lynch but instead delivered a kick to Becky Lynch's face, which clearly did not touch her.

Despite making no contact with Nia Jax, Becky Lynch still took a bump from the move before feeding up and going on to hit the ropes.

Nia Jax dominated the match and even delivered a Samoan Drop for a near fall a few minutes later before she was able to secure the win following the Banzai Drop. This is a huge win for Nia Jax and could mean that she will be pushed forward on Monday Night Raw in the coming weeks now that Rhea Ripley is in need of a new challenger.

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