Charlotte Flair Injured Her Knee On WWE SmackDown During Commercial Break [Video]

Charlotte Flair Injured Her Knee On WWE SmackDown During Commercial Break [Video]

On the December 8, 2023, episode of WWE SmackDown, Charlotte Flair participated in a singles match against Asuka. However, the conclusion of the match raised concerns about a potential real injury for Charlotte Flair. 

Post-match, Charlotte Flair had to be assisted to the back by officials, as she appeared unable to make her way backstage independently. It was also revealed that Charlotte Flair was vocal about experiencing pain in her knee and was seen communicating this to the referee.

As of now, there hasn't been an official announcement regarding the nature or extent of Charlotte Flair's potential real-life injury. While details are limited, a video clip circulating on the internet suggests a specific moment in the match where the injury may have occurred.

You can check out the video below:

As observed in the video clip, it appears that Charlotte Flair sustained an injury during a sequence where she and Asuka were setting up for a move on the turnbuckle. Unfortunately, both wrestlers slipped, and Charlotte Flair fell awkwardly, catching her knee on the top rope.

Notably, this incident wasn't aired on television, occurring during a commercial break on WWE SmackDown. At this point, we must await an official announcement from WWE regarding this concerning spot and the potential injury suffered by Charlotte Flair.

As a prominent figure in the women's division, Charlotte Flair has significantly contributed to the company, offering fans numerous memorable moments and compelling matches. Our thoughts are with Charlotte Flair, and we hope for a positive update on her condition soon.

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