Female WWE Superstar Calls Otis 'Delicious'

Female WWE Superstar Calls Otis 'Delicious'

Otis was quite thrilled when he was referred to as 'delicious' by Maxxine Dupri.

Maxxine Dupri has been high on Otis for a while now. Maxxine Dupri made several attempts to recruit Otis to Maximum Male Models. Otis was recently seen posing for a photo shoot with Maximum Male Models on an episode of WWE Raw.

On the April 24, 2023 edition of WWE Raw, Triple H took the wrestling world by storm. Triple H announced the arrival of a new World Heavyweight Championship, with the new champion set to be crowned at WWE Night of Champions 2023 event. Soon after, Maxxine Dupri put up a tweet stating that the new World Heavyweight Championship would look perfect on her 'delicious' Otis. Otis responded to the tweet shortly after. Check out the exchange below:


Otis once came close to challenging for the top prize

Otis won the Money In The Bank briefcase back in 2020, at the namesake event held at WWE HQ. Otis later took on The Miz at the Hell In A Cell 2020 event, with the contract on the line. Courtesy of Tucker's betrayal, Otis ended up losing the Money In The Bank briefcase to The Miz. One wonders what would have happened if Otis hadn't lost the contract to The Miz that night.

Maxxine Dupri believes that Otis has tons of potential and the right look to become a big star. Maxxine Dupri had the following to say about the same while appearing on WWE’s The Bump earlier in 2023:

“I mean, let’s be clear. I’ve made no mistakes, and my boys know that. I just think the aura that I am exuding, Otìsè knows that he is in the best of hands when he’s with me. He understands that I can bring him the true stardom that Otìsè deserves.” (H/T WrestleZone)

It remains to be seen if Otis ends up becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion. Otis hasn't done much of note in regards to championship gold for a long time now and would love to hold WWE's top title in the near future.

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