"I Was In Love With You" – When Paige Confessed Her Feelings For 6-Time WWE Champion

"I Was In Love With You" – When Paige Confessed Her Feelings For 6-Time WWE Champion

Former WWE Superstar Paige was a wrestling fan growing up. While Paige looked up to former Women's Champion Bull Nakano and WWE Hall of Famer Lita, she had a crush on Stone Cold Steve Austin.

During an episode of Austin's podcast in 2015, Paige confessed her feelings for Stone Cold Steve Austin, stating that she was "in love with him" when she was a teenager.

"I was like in love (...) I'm gonna embarrass myself. I was in love with you. Like I loved. I was like this guy is awesome like, am I embarrassing myself?" she said. [14:19 - 14:26]

Paige explained to Steve Austin that she was obsessed with him and his on-screen character.

"I was obsessed with you. I have, I have, you and actually I loved Rikishi. Like you two were my favorites. You because it was mostly your character. I was just so cool when I was growing up. (...) The fact that you didn't change your character whether you were heel or babyface and that's something I really looked up to," she added. [13:32 - 14:04]

Paige and Steve Austin never crossed paths in WWE. During a Q&A session a few years ago, however, Paige disclosed that she dreams of having an intergender match against Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

A former Women's Champion recently praised Paige for turning her life around. Check out her comments here.

Paige joined AEW following her departure from WWE

After competing for a few years on the European independent circuit, Paige signed with WWE in 2011. Paige spent about 11 years in WWE, during which she held the NXT Women's Championship and the Divas Championship. In July 2022, Paige left the company.

About two months following her departure from WWE, Paige made her AEW debut at Grand Slam under the ring name Saraya. In November 2022, Paige announced that she was finally cleared to compete after nearly five years of in-ring retirement. Later that same month, Paige (Saraya) defeated Britt Baker at AEW Full Gear in her first match since 2017.

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