Which Ex-WWE Female Star Had A Crush On Paige On Total Divas?

Which Ex-WWE Female Star Had A Crush On Paige On Total Divas?

Former WWE Superstar Paige was best known for her time in WWE, not only as a Superstar but also as a cast member of the reality series Total Divas. Paige appeared on the show in 2014 in its third season and was involved in some interesting events, such as when her co-star kissed her.

In Season 3, Episode 20 of Total Divas, which aired on January 25, 2015, stars like The Bella Twins, Eva Marie, Alicia Fox, Natalya and more were present for the episode. Former WWE Superstars Rosa Mendes and Paige were also present and were involved in a romantic storyline. During the episode, Rosa Mendes revealed that she had a crush on Paige and wanted to hang out with her as more than a friend.

Later in the episode, the friend group of Rosa Mendes, Paige and Alicia Fox were hanging out. Towards the end of their night, Rosa Mendes kissed Paige, thinking that the latter also felt the same. However, Paige revealed that she only considered Rosa Mendes as her friend. Paige and Rosa Mendes later cleared up the incident in the arena, Paige confirming that she and Rosa Mendez were only friends and Rosa Mendes apologizing for what she did.

Years later, Rosa Mendes reflected on the incident and expressed that she was in a bad place at the time and that she should have dealt with the manner personally. However, Paige and Rosa Mendes were on reality TV, and Rosa Mendes expressed that she just had to go with her feelings.

"I was really lost at that time in my life, and I really did not know what I wanted. So like, I feel like, um, I feel like, yeah, I kind of wish that I didn’t come out like that, ya know what I mean? Because I was lost, and that should have been something personal that I was dealing with on my own, but you’re on reality TV, so you kind of have to throw it all out there, know what I mean? That’s the one thing about reality TV, you have to just kind of go with the flow, and whatever you are feeling in the moment, you just, ya know, have to be public about it.”

Despite the encounter, Paige and Rosa Mendes remained friends. Rosa Mendes left the promotion in 2017 after giving birth a year prior. As for Paige, she announced her first in-ring retirement in 2018 and left WWE in 2022.

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